Boys Maktab

Boys Maktab

A fundamental class which is held for students from an early age to instil the foundational knowledge, principles and ethos of Islam. It commences from the basics of recognising the Arabic alphabets and develops into the correct recitation of the Qur’an. A number of subjects are taught in an Islamic environment which encourages exploring the many areas of Islamic sciences.

The subjects are taught in an interactive and engaging manner allowing students to explore the various facets of Islamic knowledge.


From 4½ to 18 (Year 13 – College)


11 Years (from academic year 1 to year 11)


Monday to Friday (5:00m to 7:00pm)


Maktab Building, 33 Wood Hill, Leicester, LE5 3SQ

Entry requirements:

Age restrictions apply


Qur’an Tajweed 
Memorisation Course 
Fiqh Aqaid Tareekh 
Seerah Akhlaq wal Adab Hadith 
Tafsir (Selected Classes) 
Languages (Urdu / Arabic)

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